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Art painting on long high waisted premium leggings ideal for yoga and exercise.

Long leggings for yoga and exercise

Enjoy yoga, zumba, jogging or other exercise wearing leggings from soft and stretchy material that feels like second skin.  High waist adds on comfort and our original designs and trendy color ensure your fabulous look. Exercise like a star wearing Ok3kic  made to order originals. 

Premium high waisted Leggings for absolut comfort

Purple mandala Yoga leggings quality specs_
Grey Aspiring long leggings from high quality stretchy material.

Check out fitting of these amazing leggings we are designing for you! Premium fabric is printed with our designs, then cut and in the end hand-sewn to create the most comfortable leggings, ideal for yoga, exercising or just relaxing at home. 

Design Printing on premium fabric
Cutting of premium fabric for leggings
Premium fabric is hand-sewn into leggings on order.