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What does print to order mean?

Print to order means that our products are not manufactured in hundreds and stored waiting to be purchased. Each item is made on actual order. You are the starting point for this process. Once you purchase product, our facility get the order to make the item. Premium fabric is printed with our original designs, hand cut and hand sewn into final product just for you! 

Where are Ok3kic sportswear and gift items made?

Our production partner has factories in the Unites states, Europe and Mexico. Where your product will be made depends on your shipping address, the most effective option is always chosen. 

Which countries are you shipping to?

Currently we are shipping to EU countries, Norway and UK. If you wish to make an order to other country then that please contact us via email or in our chat to discuss possibility. 

What does the shipping cost?

Ok3kic offer free shipping to EU countries for all customers with no purchase limit.

Norway and UK orders are charged with 5.99 EUR shipping cost per order.


We are not responsible for any possible custom fees that might possibly appear. Some countries charge import fees that is out of our control. 

Please note that if you order multiple products they might be shipped separately (for example backpacks, blankets or posters for protection reasons). In some cases your products might be made in different facilities that means they will be shipped separately. 

How long it takes to receive my order?

All our products are made to order just for you. Premium materials are printed with our design, hand cut and hand sewn after you place order. It takes 2-10 business days  (most of the time not longer then 5 days) to create your item and get it ready for shipping. Actual shipping time depend on your residence and it takes 5 to 20 business days in normal circumstances. 

Please have on mind actual COVID impacts and restrictions might affect our delivery times.

See the examples of usual shipping times:

Estimated delivery time passed and I still didn't received my order, what can I do?

Please have on mind that estimated delivery time is estimated and not guaranteed.  Shipments can get delayed for different reasons that we cannot predict so please give it some  extra time. You can contact carrier directly to get some information about your shipment. Please let us know about your delay on within 2 weeks from estimated delivery date. 

I entered wrong address, what can I do?

Please contact us as soon is possible via email with subject ORDER (please refer to order number in your email as well). If your orders haven't been fulfilled yet we will send your order to address you provide to us. In case that your order was already sent out, your local post will cannot deliver shipment and it will be return back to our facilities. We can reship it back to you within 4 weeks on your own expanse. 

I didn't received my order, what can I do?

If your parcel lost in transit please make sure you contact your local post to try locating the lost order first. Contact us within 2 weeks from estimated delivery date on email with subject order (please include your order number).

I received damaged product, what can I do?

If you received damaged product please send us photos from damaged goods on with subject ORDER.

Include your order number please and we will contact you with the next steps. 

How can I truck my order? 

After your order is printed and shipped, you will receive an email with shipping information and trucking number.

How can I wash my product?

Some of our apparel (some t-shirts, hoodies) is printed with DTG (direct to garment) technology. 

Your product should be machine-washed cold, inside-out on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and like colors. Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary. You shouldn't use any fabric softeners or dry-clean the items.

DTG-printed apparel can be tumble-dried on a low cycle, but hang-dry works best. When it comes to ironing, use cool iron inside-out. Don't iron the print.

Follow these instructions carefully to avoid fading and cracking of the print, and shrinking the garment that can occur if you wash or dry it on a high setting.

AOP (all over print apparel) - leggings, joggers, hoodies crop tops, tank tops, shorts and swimwear- can be machine-washed cold with like colors, without bleach. Don’t dry-clean or tumble-dry the apparel. You can iron it with a low heat setting.

All over print backpacks and duffle bags can be hand wash without bleach.

Posters- for long lasting do not keep your poster in direct sun or outdoor. Use only soft dry cloth or a feather duster for dusting.

Why does my item have vinegar smell?

If your shirt or hoodie was printed with DTG technology, you might notice vinegar smell or an off-white residue when unpack. That is not unusual- it come from fixation that is applied during the printing and it's not permanent. This pre-treatment is used for all DTG prints and it helps the ink to bond with the fabric. Without this treatment ink would flake of the garment.

Are your products eco friendly?

Made to order is more sustainable approach in fashion industry. Our products are made only after customer make an order what means that there is no leftover stock and less waste is produce then in ordinary fashion manufacturing. Oeko-Tex™ certified ink is used for printing, which means that they are safe and reduce environmental waste.

Packaging from recyclable materials is used for shipping of our products. 


May you have more questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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