People behind Ok3kic are mother with daughter Iveta and Denisa Peterova.

Behind Ok3kic there are two women. Mother and daughter. Me (Denisa) and my mum (Iveta). We create a new brand Ok3kic as a name brand for our designs.  Main inspiration is 

Iveta's paintings. She enjoy hiding from reality by exploring her creativity. Her beautiful paintings inspired me to start learning about graphic design, clothes designing, e-commerce and website creating. My mum is not studied artist neither I am studied in anything i do, but we love what we do and if there is anyone who love what we do too, that would make us really happy :)

For our designs we choose premium products from high quality materials. We focus mostly on sportswear but sometimes I feel really limited in the range of clothes and then gift products are designed. You can find some of them on our website but mostly we offer them at our etsy store.  Every single Ok3kic  product is a unique result of originality, creativity and high quality materials. Our sportswear is comfortable to wear but also assure great support for your workouts either you prefer intense workout at gym or lighter activities. Free time clothes and accessories made of super soft high quality material with our original designs assure you will relax in style. Feel beautiful and supported during your day in our original collections!

All our products are made on order what means that there is no product if there is no order. Every single product has his owner in moment of producing. Do you know that about 85% of all textiles produces by fashion industry ends up as a waste? Many brands produce few collections of clothes during a year, impossible to sell, that represent tons of clothes that ends up in the dump. Every second an equivalent to garbage truck full of clothes is burned in a landfill. 

Fashion industry produce 10% of all carbon emissions, it is also second-largest consumer of the water in the world and don't forget microplastics that make huge damage on environment specially oceans. People are slowly realizing destroying effect of this situation. A lot of brands are trying to offer their customers more sustainable products, from long lasting materials to eliminate this horrible past trend.

Our products are made of sustainable long lasting high quality materials that passed quality control and wearing and washing durability testing. Actual producing starts with placing an order. When you purchase your product our partner start production in one of his many facilities that is closest to your shipping address, having on mind not only faster shipping time and lower cost but also environment protection with reducing CO emissions that are produced while transporting.

Prime quality blank fabric is printed with our design and then hand cut and sewed to the perfection just for you. Only products that are actually wanted are producing. No waste from unwanted products, no extra waste of producing tons of products that never find owner, no extra human work for no reason.  

Choose Ok3kic to express yourself in unique fusion of art, clothing, sport in originality. Be different, stand out in stunning matching outfits.

Do you have some personal wish for your design?  Would you like to add some word or got your in different color? Don' t hesitate to use our contact form or email us on prior your order to communicate possibilities of personalization.

Visit our shop at  to find more amazing products with our designs. 

Curiosity: Our logo represent code OK3KIC as a memorial to my granddad that used it as his personal code for communication thru radio station.

Artist behind Ok3kic
Iveta Peterova

Behind the
Denisa Peterova

We assure effective shipping thanks to facilities strategically located.

Effective  shipping

Strategically located fulfilling facilities gives ability for shipping as close is possible. That is not only faster and economical but also it helps reducing CO2 emissions produced by transporting. 

Our products are made on order not manufactured.

Made on order

Our products are made on order. This way less waste is produced then during conventional manufacturing where about 85% produced textiles end up in landfill. 

We use packaging from recycled plastics and environment caring materials

Recycled materials used

Packaging from recycled plastics. Always looking for new solutions for even better environment caring options.

This is us

originally designed leggings

Our first designed leggings

Choose Ok3kic to support creativity and originality. All designs are real art work or digital art.

Support artist

Original designs based on our artist's paintings. Choosing us you choose originality and creativity.

Durable sustainable materials are used for Ok3kic products.


High quality products from sustainable materials, precisely selected and tested for durability, wear and wash lasting. Choose quality not quantity.

Hand cut and hand sewn products to create unique hand made item.


Each product is made on order, printed high quality material is cut and hand sewn to the precision.